Our Services (new!)


Our DogOn Services:

  • DogOn Fit (20, 30, 45 minutes or more of daily exercise):

Based on your Vet’s recommendations we will customize exercise sessions that best suits your pup…brisk walking works, urban agility walks, interval training runs, trail hikes

  • Lipstick (15 minute relief walk with a lot of TLC):

Choose this service if you’re looking for a quick break without the focus on exercise

  • Puppy Visit/Puppy FIT Training:

Your puppy’s time with us will be a productive adventure that includes play, socialization, exercise, outdoor relief time, leash training and lots of puppy love.  We ensure your puppy’s first exposure to traffic noises, bicycles, skateboards, other dogs,  people of all ages and appearances is a positive on so your dog will develop into a happy, well-adjusted adult.

  • Convenience:
    • “The Come Dog-On Inn” (bed and biscuit boarding)
    • DogOn Fit and House Sit
    • DogOn Fit and Stay for the day (day boarding)
    • Pet taxi
    • Coming Soon: “Get Life On A New Leash…Exercise with your Dog!”

A brisk workout with your dog and others!

“Exercise is the first part of your dog’s formula for happiness and it is absolutely the one thing you cannot skip!”  Cesar Millan


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