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How About Dogs eating Strawberries, Bananas, and Pineapples ?


The Heart Shaped Red Fruit: (Strawberry)

Well the answer is a great big YES! your dog most certainly can eat them and they are just one of the many foods that’s safe for them to eat, they also contain an enzyme that helps to keep your pets teeth white, bet you didn’t know that?, andthere is a homeopathic solution which is known as Fragaria Vesca, that is used to interrupt the buildup of tartar as well as help to keep it off your dog’s teeth, and guess what?, it’s made from strawberries!  Strawberries have antioxidants in them that can slow the aging of your dog by diminishing the regressive disease; antioxidants in strawberries can also lessen the chance of recurring diseases in dogs. Natural anti-inflammatory agents in strawberries have also helped dogs that suffer from arthritis as well as other diseases of the muscoskeletal system, and the…

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Friday’s Facts: Poisonous Foods and Plants!

First we covered foods your dog can eat; this time, it’s food’s they can’t eat. Be aware!

Tails of a Foster Mom

I used to give my Basti frozen grapes all the time, and then randomly found out one day that they can be poisonous to dogs! He also consumed plenty of chocolate in his day (not because it was freely given to him)! So, I thought I would spread the word on some things that our four-legged friends should stay away from.

Poisonous Foods:


Chocolate – Theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can attack the dog’s central nervous system. The darker a chocolate is, the more dangerous it is for dogs. When a dog eats chocolate, it can lead to serious problems, including heart issues and death.

Onions – A small amount of onions will probably not be harmful to your dog, but the thiosulphate in onions can cause problems in larger amounts. Because thiosulphate will build up in your dog’s system over time, it is better to avoid feeding your dog…

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10 Fruits and Vegetables That Aid Dog Nutrition

10 Fruits and Vegetables That Aid Dog Nutrition

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about the vet?