With spring just around the corner, it’s time for you and your dog to shed those winter pounds

Get Life On A New Leash…Exercise with your Dog!”

Dogs are “our” best friends and now it’s “our” turn to be their best friend!  “Get Life on a new leash and exercise with your dog” and DogOn Fitness!

Did you know?

  • 40% – 50% of dogs in the United States or overweight or obese
  • 70% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese

Are you and your dog living a healthy lifestyle?

  • Are you and your dog overweight?  Love handles, potbellies, flabby abs spell out danger in the years ahead
  • Are your fitness levels optimal for you age and build?
  • When was the last time you and your dog were breathless after a session in the local park?
  • Are you and your dog suffering from nagging health problems that prevent you from embracing life with energy and enthusiasm?

Animal loving couch potatoes are passing on their unhealthy habits to their dogs, adopting a lifestyle that threatens their health and could end up shortening their lives!

“Get Life On a New Leash” is a human and canine companion fitness program, aka; “Paws Camp” for Peeps and Pups!   You and your dog will not only lose weight and become fit in the process but will experience a stronger bond.   Say goodbye to doggone fat and hello to DogOn Fitness!  For more information and to sign up, go to www.dogonfitness.com

*Edit: We do not yet have an instructor, but check back for an update soon! 



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Benefits of Exercise

15 minutes a day, every day, keeps the vet away!

Keep Calm

While I was look around the web at various pet forums and blogs I found a considerable amount of people who thought that putting your pet dog in the back yard for half an hour in the morning and when you return from work in the evening was enough to keep their pet happy and healthy. After a bit more digging I found that these people were also the people who said that they needed help stopping their dog from barking, digging and escaping. So I knew that I needed to clear this matter up. Dogs need to be walked, it’s not in their nature to sit around the house all day especially not when they are young. This article will address the risks of little or no exercise for dogs and also the benefits of regular exercise.

First off I’d just like to mention some of the risks of…

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Musical dog of the Day

We can all go home now, nothing more to see. Tokyo Police Club let the dogs out.

Chew On This


Strange Saturday: A Spaniel with Hands

Ok, not real hands, but leave it to those Germans to think of something like this!

Winter Weather Warnings

Now that it has just snowed here in VA and MD, be safe out in the snow!

Your Doggy Dilemmas

Man walking dog in snowWith the return of the snow comes a warning from Animal Charities to protect our dogs from the dangers of rock salt and anti-freeze.

With the snow upon us once again roads are being regularly gritted which is good for motorists but not so great for our dogs, or cats, as hundreds of pets are becoming seriously ill and in some cases dying because of the rock salt and antifreeze being used.

Animal charities say the public should take extra care when using anti-freeze and mop up any spillages. Pet owners were also advised to clean animals’ paws if they have been outside or walking over gritted roads by washing their paws down in clean water once home and also to clip the fur to keep it short.

The danger comes when dogs and cats who have walked through the substances left by gritters trying to clear roads and car drivers…

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Boundary Training for Safety

Very important training that gets overlooked sometimes. Dog walking/running in heavily suburban areas is sometimes an exercise in “which house has an electric fence and which doesn’t?”


JJ's boundary is the front door

Wouldn’t it be nice to be 100% confident that your dog will stay in your yard even without a fence or leash (ok, 95%)? Is there a room in your house your dog must remain out of, such as baby’s room, your formal dining room, or your business office? Are you frustrated with your dog trampling your flowers in the garden you worked so hard on?

There are many ways to contain or control a dog including fences (visible or electronic), chains or tie-outs, pens, leashes, gates, etc. However, none are fool-proof and none truly provide your dog with freedom and a happy life, nor do they teach them anything, only contain them.

Boundary training is an easy and much more reliable alternative. It involves teaching your dog where a boundary line is and that he is not allowed to cross that line, EVER. It’s not as hard as it…

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Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Probably one of the more difficult issues to deal with in dogs; especially since it happens when you’re not there.


Strange Saturday (Loca the Pug)

I would like to start posting at least one strange, down right weird, or funny post about our beloved dogs on Saturday, to brighten up your Saturdays in case your dog didn’t let you sleep in this morning.
All are free to submit if you find something pretty funny or strange on the internet. Which, lets be honest, you’ve found some strange stuff.

So, for out first post I present Loca, the Pug that couldn’t run!