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We’re back and Spring is in the air!

Hopefully while we were away you all keep in fetching good shape. If not, we are here to help you get your pep back in your step, shake off winter’s bone, and start chasing those pesky squirrels out of the bird feeder. What’s New?

We have update our Services section, so please check it out, and don’t forget to Get Life on a New Leash!

Stop sitting and staying; now fetch!


With spring just around the corner, it’s time for you and your dog to shed those winter pounds

Get Life On A New Leash…Exercise with your Dog!”

Dogs are “our” best friends and now it’s “our” turn to be their best friend!  “Get Life on a new leash and exercise with your dog” and DogOn Fitness!

Did you know?

  • 40% – 50% of dogs in the United States or overweight or obese
  • 70% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese

Are you and your dog living a healthy lifestyle?

  • Are you and your dog overweight?  Love handles, potbellies, flabby abs spell out danger in the years ahead
  • Are your fitness levels optimal for you age and build?
  • When was the last time you and your dog were breathless after a session in the local park?
  • Are you and your dog suffering from nagging health problems that prevent you from embracing life with energy and enthusiasm?

Animal loving couch potatoes are passing on their unhealthy habits to their dogs, adopting a lifestyle that threatens their health and could end up shortening their lives!

“Get Life On a New Leash” is a human and canine companion fitness program, aka; “Paws Camp” for Peeps and Pups!   You and your dog will not only lose weight and become fit in the process but will experience a stronger bond.   Say goodbye to doggone fat and hello to DogOn Fitness!  For more information and to sign up, go to

*Edit: We do not yet have an instructor, but check back for an update soon! 


We apologize for the delay! Please stand by.

We are currently going through some changes, but when we return, it will be in full force and swing! In the meantime, enjoy this video